New Release – MourningWagon – Live at the Cleveland Agora Theater (2017 Spat! Records) – Out NOW!


New Release – MourningWagon – “Live at the Cleveland Agora Theater” (2017 Spat! Records) out now!

The latest release in the trilogy of the band MourningWagon is now available for purchasing on all major downloading sites. You can also listen to it on Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes and so many other places.  We are pretty excited about this release. Not so much with the recording quality, but with the audience’s love for the band. To listen to this release and hear the crowd going nuts make it a nice live recording. It has that raw, unadulterated rocking beats and sounds that you have grown to love from the past releases. Make this one no different that “Live at the Cleveland Agora Theater” will reign as of those killer releases for 2017...

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MourningWagon to release “Live At The Cleveland Agora Theater” on Feb 1


Fresh off the show with Stryper, the band MourningWagon took the raw recording from that show and provided it as a release for their fans. The “Live At the Cleveland Agora Theater” (via Spat! Records) captured the essence of the show, which provided the audience reaction to the band.

“MourningWagon hit the stage with an energy not seen since the days of early Van Halen. The crowd was 100% all-in from the first snare shot to the last de-tuned D5 chord of the hit single “What You Don’t Know” – fan Dixon Hymm. “

The bass drum was so thunderous and the drummer so sexy, I had to change my drawers” – fan Liberace.

“It was a really, really loud crowd, people were going nuts and we of course fed off the vibe. 

Dom Rini

We had people from across the country fly and drive in t...

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