Nov 12th show at Cleveland Agora afterthought


Stryper, Shock Frenzy and MourningWagon
Cleveland Agora Theater, Sat Nov 12th.
by: Dom Rini, guitarist MourningWagon

November 12th marked the debut of MourningWagon at the legendary Cleveland Agora Theater. What I can say about this event was: To have the opportunity to open for one of our favorite bands, Stryper is huge, but to sell out a venue and have it move to a bigger stage and theater is something surreal. From preparing for the show we all in the band were really ready for us to hit the stage. The idea to have a big stage and for us to perform on is huge. It really beats a little stage or no stage at all. But either way its all the same, deliver, deliver, deliver. We had a show to put on, a 35 minute set and we had to be fast. Get in, do your thing, get off and next band come on.

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Show Review – August 1st – Beachland Ballroom


August 1, 2015 – Show Review Beachland Ballroom

Jeremy Schindorff

MourningWagon is a groove metal band which hails from the nether regions of Zimbabwe… Ohio. With their chipper sound and “boy next door” rugged good looks, these fine young gentlemen would be a perfect fit to play your “Spring Fling” or a real happening “Sock Hop” at the local high school!

Ok, ok, enough bullshit….. MourningWagon is pretty much the polar opposite of the previous paragraph except for the “Groove Metal” part; they do that shit VERY well!

“An interesting fact about these cats would be that there is no actual frontman, rather they all partake in the lead role through different points during their set.”

Shannon Henkel (MourningWagon)

First off we’ve...

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