MourningWagon to release “Live At The Cleveland Agora Theater” on Feb 1


Fresh off the show with Stryper, the band MourningWagon took the raw recording from that show and provided it as a release for their fans. The “Live At the Cleveland Agora Theater” (via Spat! Records) captured the essence of the show, which provided the audience reaction to the band.

“MourningWagon hit the stage with an energy not seen since the days of early Van Halen. The crowd was 100% all-in from the first snare shot to the last de-tuned D5 chord of the hit single “What You Don’t Know” – fan Dixon Hymm. “

The bass drum was so thunderous and the drummer so sexy, I had to change my drawers” – fan Liberace.

“It was a really, really loud crowd, people were going nuts and we of course fed off the vibe. 

Dom Rini

We had people from across the country fly and drive in to see us. That really gets to you when something like that happens. Before we hit the stage I took a stack of CD’s and went through the audience passing them out to kids (probably 11 or 13 years old) and introduced myself to them and their parents. Both the parents and the kids got a kick out of it. We need to build that buzz with the younger generation like it was when we were kids, you don’t forget that.”    Stated guitarist Dom Rini.

This release showcases their greatest hits and best of material over the span of their years. It has that “bootleg” feel to it and was recorded deep in the middle of the crowd. So if you are expecting a acoustically clear release than this is not for you. But if you want a raw, unadulterated release full of testosterone and screaming women than this is the one for you.   

Michael Strong and Shannon Henkel

The latest release can be pre-ordered and then sent to you on Feb 1. You can pick it up at either of the following music outlets.

Pre-Order : Google Music | iTunes

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MourningWagon – “Live At the Cleveland Agora Theater” (Spat! Records 2017)


1 Ride (Live)                                      4:24
2 Fight (Live)                                    3:02
3 Dead Rising (Live)                     4:50
4 Be the Change (Live)               4:02
5 Blind (Live)                                   4:17
6 Don’t Break (Live)                     4:13
7 Whatcha Don’t Know (Live) 7:18

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Fan filmed from the show

MourningWagon on the attack

Michael “Deathstar” Strong
Stephen “Abominable”Homan
Shannon “Glugg Glugg” Henkel
Dom Rini



NY Groove and Curtis Oxborrow who drove from New York and Utah just to see the show.

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