New Release – MourningWagon – Live at the Cleveland Agora Theater (2017 Spat! Records) – Out NOW!


New Release – MourningWagon – “Live at the Cleveland Agora Theater” (2017 Spat! Records) out now!

The latest release in the trilogy of the band MourningWagon is now available for purchasing on all major downloading sites. You can also listen to it on Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes and so many other places.  We are pretty excited about this release. Not so much with the recording quality, but with the audience’s love for the band. To listen to this release and hear the crowd going nuts make it a nice live recording. It has that raw, unadulterated rocking beats and sounds that you have grown to love from the past releases. Make this one no different that “Live at the Cleveland Agora Theater” will reign as of those killer releases for 2017.  This release was for our fans, it is who we devote every note to, and free beer.

Pick up the release today at : iTunes / Google Music

MourningWagon on the attack

MourningWagon – “Live at the Cleveland Agora Theater” (2017 Spat! Records)

1 Ride   4:24
2 Fight  3:02
3 Dead Rising 4:50
4 Be the Change 4:02
5 Blind 4:17
6 Don’t Break 4:13
7 Whatcha Don’t Know (with introductions and Flash) 7:18

MourningWagon is a band from the greater Cleveland area which have survived and struggled in the musical trenches of the inner-city of Cleveland. Keeping the faith and the mission of the hard rock/groove this band has forged a lasting and strong fanbase not only locally but internationally.

Band Members

Michael Strong – drums / vocals
Stephen Homan – bass / vocals
Shannon Henkel – guitars/backup vocals
Dom Rini – lead guitar

Michael “Deathstar” Strong

Shannon “King of Light Beers” Henkel

Dom “The Smasha” Rini

Stephen “The Abominable” Homan


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